Why SPAM is Good?

We can ask WHY nowadays, probably the most popular way to promote online remains SPAM.

After all, why are we judging the SPAM so hard?

When we receive an unsolicited email, we immediately get angry and become irritable,
Unlike the moments when we receive brochures or flyers or magazines in the physical mailbox.

I think the real reason, is because,that,  in real life, we do not have the option of reporting as SPAM the postmaster or the sender.

Well, SPAM as a concept has been used for a very long time. SPAM is the basis of Awareness.

After the email was invented, the second email sent was SPAM (by mistake it was true but it was SPAM.)

It’s probably the fastest and easiest way to promote online and offline.

It is a pity that much SPAM is simply USELESS worldwide, but also much SCAM. Unfortunately, many confuse those  two things. (In a next post we explain what SCAM is.)

Anyway .. Large companies such as Google, Yahoo Oath, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. also uses SPAM, just more beautifuly crafted. For example ,we have Promotion Tab in the Gmail Account. In Yahoo Mail the same …

 In this case ,i guess that we will  have to think and ask . Is SPAM really good? Why all institutions and companies and world organizations fight against SPAM?CAN SPAM ACT ,GDRP regulation..and so on.
Is it still by far the best way to promote?

The answer is YES. Absolute. Just take care how you do it. Use SPAM only when you think it’s worth it. Use it and keep it as simple as possible. The goal is to let people from the online environment know that there is something else or there is something else that might interest them.

Will you show successful SPAM models next time!

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